IEP Advisory Services

If you’re the parent of a child with special health care needs, you know that your child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) has a considerable impact on his or her future. However, the process to develop an IEP is complex, and the IEP itself is generally filled with many unfamiliar terms and statistics. It can be difficult as a parent to know how to participate most effectively in this very important process.

If you’re a parent feeling overwhelmed by the IEP process, you’re not alone! We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Medical Home Plus is dedicated to helping parents to be fully effective partners in a positive and constructive IEP process. We offer IEP Advisory Services tailored to the needs of each family. These services are provided by physicians and special education professionals who are highly experienced in the hands-on implementation of IEPs as well as the IEP development process itself. Our professional staff has decades of experience working with children with autism, ADHD, behavioral conditions, and the full range of other special health care needs.

Our IEP Advisors can:

  • Help you prepare for the IEP process by explaining it in a way that’s easy to understand
  • Review your child’s previous IEP or other educational progress documents to begin to identify topics for productive discussion
  • Review the draft IEP with you prior to the IEP meeting
  • Attend the IEP meeting with you to provide support and to help you realize the full benefit of this meeting
  • Advise you on how best to work with your child’s IEP team to finalize the IEP
  • Review educational progress documents with you during the year

resource coordination

More often than not, families of children with special health care needs feel overwhelmed and are not sure how to enter into the process of obtaining a network of supports and resources. MHP serves as a hub for families and professionals alike who are seeking information and support for these special children. Our Resource Coordinators are parents of children with special needs themselves, making them uniquely qualified to assist others on their journey.

MHP connects families of children with special needs with the specialized resources and services that can help them achieve their maximum potential. When families contact our center, they receive personal and confidential assistance from our highly experienced Resource Coordinators, supported by our expert staff of pediatric physicians. These services, which can involve substantial time and attention, are provided free of charge to Virginia families.

On average, MHP provides Resource Referral services to 400 new families annually. These services include crisis counseling for mental health and behavioral issues, working effectively with your child’s medical home, counseling on Medicare/Medicaid waivers and other care-financial issues, and referral services to practitioners and organizations specializing in areas of need to these families.

To learn more about our IEP Advisory Services and Resource Coordination, please contact Resource Coordinator Mary Peters at or call us today at (804) 330-5030.

Special families

A division of Medical Home Plus. We are a nonprofit organization promoting support and encouragement of families raising children with special healthcare needs through parent connections, monthly support groups, outreach events, and social media.

We are a free resource for parents or primary caregivers who have or are supporting a child with disabilities or special care needs (including adoption). Our staff is trained to support other families in accessing supports and services for their child and family. Special Families is knowledgeable about local and state resources.

Special Families focuses on:

  • Families with special needs
  • Connecting with experienced families
  • Providing encouragement and support

How can a connection with Special Families help your family?

  • One-on-one emotional support
  • Information and referrals to services for your child
  • Enhanced support and tools to help you plan for service meetings
    (i.e. IEP, ISP)
  • Culturally sensitive and unbiased information so you can make the best choice for your family
  • Workshops and educational opportunities
  • Support groups with other families with special needs

For help finding localized special needs resources in Western Virginia, contact Special Families Of The Roanoke Valley at (540) 966-0510.