About Us

Medical Home Plus (MHP) was created as an extension to Richmond Pediatric Associates, Inc. in 2001. In 2003, MHP became incorporated as its own entity. Founded on the principle that every child deserves a Medical Home, two pediatricians established MHP as an organization that employs parents successfully navigating the system of care for their children to help other parents find their way. This innovative staffing model has allowed MHP to forge a unique connection with families in need based on experience, empathy and trust.

More often than not, families of children with special health care needs feel overwhelmed and are not sure how to enter into the process of obtaining a network of supports and resources. MHP serves as a hub for families and professionals alike who are seeking information and support for these special children.


To ensure successful outcomes for children with special needs and their families in Virginia.


Medical Home Plus is dedicated to empowering children with special needs and their families by strengthening their pillars of support through education, prevention, resource coordination and advocacy.



We believe that all children deserve a medical home approach to quality health care that is holistic and encompasses physical, behavioral, social/emotional and educational well being.


We value the wisdom and expertise of families and look to their experience and guidance as we assist other families.


We recognize the importance of connecting families and professionals with resources in through own community, and strive to build working partnerships.


We believe that physicians, through the use of medical home approaches, can maximize their knowledge and skills to provide the patients, families and communities with support and success to improve the lives of children.


We value the idealism and promise in our future professionals. We provide opportunities for awareness and involvement in community based projects and services through statewide, domestic, and international educational experience.


We create an environment of mutual trust, team spirit, and respect in an open, honest, and transparent culture. We are accountable to each other and those supporting us.

“Medical Home” is a concept that embodies coordinated, comprehensive and family-centered care. Our greatest partners in the Medical Home are our patients and their families. What I’ve found throughout my years as a pediatrician is that there are a number of families who have navigated systems of care for their own children with special health care needs. And they have wisdom and knowledge of resources that I find remarkable. Those are my “Plus” parents. Those are the parents who help us out within the Medical Home, to connect families with the services that their kids require.

Dr. Colleen Kraft

Co-Founder & Medical Director

Of all the events and journeys in my life – medical school, residency, practice, kids, marriage – THE toughest and most stressful has been dealing with the special educational system. And if it was that bad an experience for me, with all my knowledge and experience, imagine what it is like for everyone else. That is the fire behind my passion to improve the lives of families with members who have disabilities.

Dr. Harry Gewanter

Co-Founder & Medical Director