Working to help children with special needs and their families find the support they need.


What We do

Parents often feel overwhelmed when faced with their child’s diagnosis, especially at certain pivotal times within their journey. Resources are available, but often parents aren’t sure how to access them or how to prioritize their child’s needs. MHP provides resource coordination services for families and professionals alike supporting special children. MHP is able to help families vet the process of achieving supports for their child. MHP is not a hotline service, but rather walks families through service coordination and is there for each step of the journey.

MHP works to empower parents with knowledge about what resources exist within the community to support their child(ren) with special health care needs. In addition, MHP works with professionals serving these families so that the medical home concept can be fully fostered. MHP provides Medication Administration Training to licensed and regulated child day programs and private accredited school programs in contract with the Virginia Department of Social Services so that all children, but especially those with special health care needs, can have access to quality child care.

Your Child is Our Mission