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What is Medical Home Plus?

Medical Home Plus (MHP) is a nonprofit organization created in 2003 that works to help children with special needs and their families find the support they need by helping parents successfully navigate the system of care and find the opportunities available to them on behalf of their children.

What areas does Medical Home Plus serve?

MHP serves families throughout Virginia. MHP has hubs in several different locations throughout the state as well as community partners in different locales; allowing communication with families throughout the Commonwealth both by phone and electronically.

What can a family expect from Medical Home Plus?

Once families make contact, they will work with an MHP staff member who will gather more information about their individual needs. MHP will then make recommendations about what resources are available in the community, and will continue to provide guidance throughout the process. Where appropriate, MHP will provide on-site support at meetings and other professional appointments.

How is Medical Home Plus funded? Is there a cost for services?

MHP is a nonprofit organization funded through national and community grants, as well as the generosity of donors who believe in the mission. Currently, there is no cost for general resource coordination services.

Where is Medical Home Plus focused?

MHP focuses on medical and social/emotional supports, behavioral support, educational and Individualized Education Program (IEP) advocacy and support. Unlike other organizations offering resource coordination for families, MHP does not work with a family solely based on a single diagnosis. Many families that contact MHP are seeking a diagnosis for their child, and may need help in that area, too! MHP turns no family away regardless of their child’s diagnosis or the family’s ability to pay.

How does Medical Home Plus help families with the development of IEPs?

Medical Home Plus advisors teach parents how to work with school administrators and build the best possible IEP. These advisors also help the family or show the family by example how to advocate in their child’s educational setting, meeting the child, advising the parents, and attending the IEP meetings. A trained special education advisor can take the intimidation out of the IEP process and increase parental involvement in their child’s education.

What makes Medical Home Plus different?

MHP spends one-on-one time listening to the issues the family is experiencing; helping to brainstorm answers, making connections to relevant resources, and providing emotional support. MHP employs parents of children with special health care needs themselves, so staff are uniquely qualified to work with families. In addition, MHP is the only entity in Virginia that provides scholarship support for families navigating their child’s IEP process.