We’re Hiring! Part Time Parent Resource Coordinator

Parent Resource Coordinator

Type of position: Hourly, Part-Time

Job Description: Medical Home Plus (MHP) is a growing and thriving not for profit organization supporting families of children with special needs for over 20 years. MHP is the only entity that provides scholarship funds to assist these families in great need of educational support for their children in Virginia. Similar fee-for-service arrangements with professionals of this caliber can cost thousands of dollars out of pocket and are therefore unattainable for many middle-class families and beyond. By providing scholarship support, MHP is “leveling the playing field” for these children regardless of their family’s ability to pay or their child’s diagnosis and changing the trajectory of these children’s lives forevermore.

MHP takes a proactive, educational and wholistic approach with families.  Parents often need guidance in seeking services and supports for their special child(ren).  MHP utilizes a peer-to-peer support model to help families gain access to community resources and knowledge.

This part-time hourly Resource Coordinator position serves as a liaison to families of children with special health care needs seeking MHP’s services. Parent Resource Coordinator will conduct intake interviews to determine how MHP can best advise each family, document each case, provide advice and guidance in all areas other than specialist IEP advisory consultation and perform additional administrative tasks as assigned.

Required Qualifications: Strong ability to listen and communicate in an empathetic manner to families in crisis / under duress, strong team player, commitment to client privacy and a constructive / non-adversarial approach, strong written and verbal communication skills, commitment to efficient use of work time to enable service to the maximum number of families.

Candidates who are also parents of children with special health care needs will be prioritized.


MHP is an equal opportunity employer that offers a safe, flexible and positive working environment.    MHP fosters healthy work-life balance and parent empowerment. 

Please email resume, cover letter and references to info@medhomeplus.org.

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